Causes of Sudden Erectile Dysfunction

Sudden erectile dysfunction can make a man suffer psychological effects such as depression, anxiety, and decrease in sense of worthiness. Emotionally and physically they will feel worn out and withdrawn. It is said that negative thinking in relation to sexual behaviors may cause further inferiority to the man suffering from erectile dysfunction. Possibly, avoiding all other sexual activities and relations altogether because they think they are a failure.

For males, it is very important for them to maintain an erection since; they think it is the essence of their maleness. Literally, from the way they think, it is what makes them a man. This notion only makes the matter worst for most men and can lead to feelings of displeasure with life and add up to his pressure and health problems. So, the best way to deal with this is to have a positive outlook and never sunk to depression. Accept the fact, that you have problem and all will be well.

There are well-known and documented causes of erectile dysfunction and they can be categorized in two divisions: the psychological and physical.

The brain plays a vital part in setting off a sequence of physical actions that instigate an erection, from the commencement of feelings of sexual exhilaration down to the full erection. But a lot of things can get in the way with sexual sensations and that can result to erectile dysfunction.

Here are certain psychological conditions that cause erectile problems among men.

-Exhaustion or weariness

-Apprehensions or anxiety


-Stress from work and home

-Lack of communication, and disagreement with a partner

Physically, there are many factors that cause this dysfunction problem and these include:

1. Ailments and Medical conditions such as:

– Kidney/liver failure

-neurological diseases

-multiple sclerosis


-heart disease, hypertension, stroke


-clogged blood vessels

– Prostate disorders/surgery

-Parkinson’s disease

-hormonal disorders

2. Medications for other health problems like:


– Medicines for blood pressure

– Sleeping pills

Excessive smoking, too much alcohol (drinking), and drug abuse are also a factor that can cause this problem. In certain cases, erectile dysfunction signifies a profound medical problem/s. So, you should also be wary and do not assume anything unless, you have had a check up with qualified specialists.

Even though the psychological aspects often append to erectile dysfunction problems in all age categories, physical causes turn out to get more customary with age. Generally, psychological factors have an abrupt impact on this matter than physical factors. Hormone balance

Lastly, here are the lists of men who are at high risk of experiencing erectile dysfunctions:

1. Men start to have changes in sexual functions and may not experience the rigidness that they once have as they get older.

2. Men who are overweight have twice the chance of being impotent than men who have normal weight.

3. There are men who are taking medications for health problems. Some prescriptions can affect the sexual health.

4. Men who have some health conditions and diseases.

5. Men who have undergone some surgeries or have had injuries that damaged some nerves.

6. Men who smoke and drink excessively.

7. Men who use prohibited drugs or are under illegal substance use.

8. Men who ride bicycles or motorcycles for an extended time.

9. Men who are depressed or have anxiety disorder.

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