Hydroponics Grow Boxes Review

I lived in Alaska where we have a very harsh climates. We have irregular day and night patterns as well as extreme temperatures, which makes it almost impossible to grow outdoors. Since I do not live in Anchorage or any other major city, I am forced to grow my own food. Of course there has traditionally been really no way to do that until I found out about the Homegrown Hydroponics Economy Grow Box.

For those that don’t know what a grow box is, essentially it is a self-contained enclosure for growing plants with hydroponics. I purchased and received an Economy Grow Box that I got from Homegrown Hydroponics recently. It came with a 400 W high pressure sodium lighting systems, which really put out huge amounts of red light which really helps your plants when they flower. Also included was a deep water culture hydroponic system along with all the necessary air pumps and air stones to make that work. The Economy Grow Box came with the nutrients that I needed to get my first round of plants going along with the starter cups and clay pellets and the Rockwell cubes, it came with bottles of pH adjustment solution and the manuals. Even though videos are also available online.

It cost me a fortune to ship this thing here (laugh), but there was really no other way around it. I actually used a freight forwarding company out of Seattle Washington to save on the delivery cost. All in all I think the delivery was fair because the unit came on a boat just for me. I am very happy that the Homegrown Hydroponics Economy Grow Box is completely assembled when it came because I was so excited to take it off the crate, that it would’ve hated to have to put anything together at that point.

When you take a look at the Economy Grow Box it just makes sense. The light is right where it needs to be right from the moment you put your plants in. The deep water culture hydroponic system that the Economy Grow Box came with it is simple and easy to use. The timer was almost effortless to set after watching the video on the Homewood Hydroponics website. Mixing the nutrients was also easy because of the very useful free videos on the Homegrown Hydroponics website. What great technical support and resources they have available to their customers hydroponics wholesaler

I have not seen any other grow box manufacturer offers so much we video content to their customers at no charge. I consider myself to be a pretty handy guy and I was able to get this thing up and running in no time. For the hell of it I browsed through the Hydroponics Basics book that comes with which is pretty much just a lot of pictures and very little text but clearly explains the concept of hydroponics. A lot of this is a lot is stuff I already knew, like how to make clones etc., but it was nice and the unit came with this easy guide anywhere. The videos on their website is really where it’s at anyway

I haven’t got through my first growth cycle yet so I cannot report on the yields that I will be able to get out of the Economy Grow Box. I am very pleased with the performance so far, as it certainly grows well and is easy to use. I don’t know what I would do without the Economy Grow Box, it has made me very happy to be able to grow my own with such ease. I am happy with my decision to go with decision to go with Homegrown Hydroponics and it has paid off well for me. Speaking with in tech support was a pleasure and the few questions I had about adjusting the pH levels was answered properly and clearly. I appreciated Wayne for his help on the tech support.

Also thanks to Howard for setting me up with a really great system that I’m super pleased with. He didn’t try to sell me a unit that I didn’t need. He asked me about my growing needs and I explained the situation and he recommended a very cost-efficient but a high yield potential system that is very well made. I would highly recommend Homegrown Hydroponics and the Economy Grow Box [http://www.homegrown-hydroponics.com/ecgrboxbecug.html] to anybody that wants to grow their own indoors anytime no matter where you live

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