Selecting the Right Owner Builder Home Building Service

Before you actually start to build your home, you’ll find that there are certain formalities that need to be completed. These include making plans, arranging the necessary financing, obtaining mandatory permissions from various government departments connected with home-building, and fixing appointments with their officials for their visit to the construction site.

Building a home is a very complex process. You have to enlist the services of many experts and artisans who specialize in various aspects of construction. Besides an engineer or an architect, you need to hire contractors and experts for various building functions, รับสร้างบ้านราชบุรี like surveyor, excavator, mason, carpenter, and driller. You also need experts in septic systems, heating, air conditioning, roofing, flooring, electrical and insulations engineers, and landscapers. Since entrusting all the home building work to contractors may prove too costly, you also may also need to take on some responsibilities.

In fact, even if you are an expert in all the building activities, you will need to maintain a balance between the work that you can do yourself and the work that has to be contracted out. This way you will get the time to supervise and coordinate the construction work.

You’ll also need to work out a written contract with the contractors who will be involved in building your home. These contracts should mention the total payment for each building activity, and the payment schedule, which means fixing the amount of payment after each stage of work has been completed. You also have to mention in the contract the time schedule for completing each aspect of the building. This is important because one aspect of the building may depend on the completion of the other. Any delay in completing a certain part of the building may hold up the entire construction activity. You have also to ensure that the building material is of good quality, so that it does not create any untoward problems after the home has been completed.


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